Cross-Platform Gambling: Betting on Smartphones, Tablets, and PCs

Betting on Smartphones

Gone are the days when you had to sit in front of the computer for hours just to finish a card tournament or an exciting slot game. Cross-platform gaming first took the video game industry by storm and now it’s showing casino players a whole new way to play. This article will help you discover what you can gain from cross-platform gambling and help you see how it will develop in the future.

What is Cross-Platform Gambling?

As the title suggests, cross-platform gambling refers to playing casino games on your phone, tablet or PC. Because of various technological advancements, players have shifted from playing just on their computers. In fact, most prefer using their phones and tablets nowadays.

The ability to switch between devices has unlocked a host of new possibilities for players everywhere.

The Early Days

When cross-platform gambling started becoming a thing, it wasn’t as easy to pick up where you left off on a different device. Players could download apps or casino software for Windows, which was rather limiting. Not only was the concept tied to a person owning a device that could support the software, but it also didn’t include as many games as today. 

On top of that, connecting to the software was often a headache in itself— let alone trying to continue the game on a different device. This resulted in a lot of frustration and more money loss due to poor connectivity and glitches.

The Benefits

Nowadays, cross-platform gambling has evolved so much that it’s become an integral part of gambling. And there are a ton of benefits you can enjoy.


As mentioned before, the convenience of being able to switch between devices and continue where you left off is unparalleled. It gives you a level of freedom we couldn’t imagine before with online gambling. As well as that, playing on a portable device doesn’t restrict you to one location anymore.

Imagine you’ve got some time left at home until you have to get to work or a meet-up with friends. You’re playing from your computer and you’re on a winning streak in your favourite slot. When it’s time to go, you don’t have to pause or close the game. Simply switch to your phone and continue playing while you wait to get to your destination. 

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There are thousands of everyday examples like this that demonstrate the superior convenience of cross-platform gambling. And players are very well aware of them!


Being able to play on your phone or tablet allows you to stay engaged with your favourite games. As it doesn’t restrict you to sitting at your desk, you can move to the sofa or bed to get more comfortable and not lose focus.

Player engagement is as valuable to the casino as it is to the customer. People who play on their smartphones and tablets are more likely to spend more, allowing smart online casinos to make things even more interesting. This can be done by giving special offers to mobile users or including better features and content in your app.

For example, some casinos offer match bonuses for first deposits made through their mobile app. Others add extra features for sports betting that make it much more convenient to bet. On top of all of this, casinos can send push notifications with news about matches, new features, or new offers to further drive engagement.

Better Security

Though casinos need to pay more attention to protecting sensitive data when people are playing on multiple devices, cross-platform gaming can generally be safer. This is mainly because it’s harder to set up malicious attacks when there are multiple device types at play.

Alongside that, it’s more convenient to set up two-step verification when the player is already on their phone. And it’s also easier to use different payment methods since it’s likely that people already have the right apps and security measures set up. Learn more about payment methods for casinos and the type of security they offer: 

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Compatibility between devices is essential for an immersive experience. That’s why game providers today make games that can be played on multiple devices. But aside from this, compatibility is one giant step into the future of online gambling.

That’s because it includes devices that can connect to virtual reality and augmented reality. As technology continues to advance, we’ll see more and more casinos with these features. That’s exactly why it’s so important to continue updating and maintaining cross-platform compatibility. It needs to be capable of fully supporting these new devices beyond phones and tablets.

Multiple Games at Once

When you can play on multiple devices, nothing is stopping you from playing multiple games at once. This is an additional fun aspect that can raise the thrill higher than ever before. For example, advanced poker players can hone their skills even further by playing multiple games of Texas Hold’em at the same time.


Socialisation is the best part of gambling— you get to meet new people with the same interests and celebrate your wins together. Because of cross-platform gaming, gambling has become more accessible. That means that you can be part of the community even if you don’t own a PC. 

It also means that you can continue talking or following the conversation even when you switch to a different device in the middle of the game. Features like text and voice chat help with this immensely. Being part of an active community and regularly engaging with other players can also help battle loneliness and contribute to better mental health as a result.

For casinos, having such a community means increasing player loyalty and raising brand awareness. Let’s not forget that it’s also an excellent way to improve satisfaction and make customers associate the casino with something positive.

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The Challenges

  • Lack of variety– Though there are many more games available for cross-platform gaming than before, there is still some lack of variety. This is especially noticeable with smaller casinos that haven’t yet partnered with leading cross-platform providers.


  • Experience depends on the device– If you have an older phone or tablet, it may not be able to support modern games or load them as quickly. You could also experience glitches and crashes, which is frustrating and can increase losses. In cases where the casino has an app, you can miss out on a host of features if you don’t have a device with the right software. For example, some casinos may only have apps for Android phones.


  • Poor casino design– Though a lot of casinos today incorporate a responsive design that makes it easy to switch between platforms, your experience depends on the quality of their design. For example, the navigation could be too confusing on your tablet or phone. Or, the site won’t adjust to the smaller screen and you can have trouble seeing anything and playing.

The Future of Cross-Platform Gambling

The trends in cross-platform gambling have solved many challenges so far. If things keep developing this way, it’s safe to say that the issues mentioned above will become non-existent soon enough. New features are constantly being developed, and with the addition of AR and VR, we can look forward to even more fun and immersive gaming sessions. There’s no doubt that cross-platform gaming will continue to be just as popular!


There’s a lot of thought that goes into creating a good cross-platform experience. The benefits of playing this way are undeniable and both casinos and players agree. This style of gaming has allowed for more convenience, engagement, and socialisation than ever before. Online casinos will definitely become even more popular in the future if cross-platform gaming continues to advance at this pace.

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