Color flashing lights, noises, melodies that you associate with prizes … If you’ve already been to an online casino, you probably know what we’re talking about.

These salons scattered throughout the territory have something that makes you want to stay and win at all costs. Do you agree?

But if there is something in casinos and their games, it is chance , that is, luck .  In most of these games your abilities and skills do not matter when it comes to playing.

However, despite not being able to control luck, there are always techniques and small details to keep in mind that can help you win. But don’t forget, there is no fixed recipe or 100% guaranteed success. 

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How do you play slot machines?

Before telling you some techniques or tricks to win at slots, it is important that you know that the rules of all slot machines are the same , regardless of the theme they have or the number of reels they have.

If you want to play, what you have to do is as easy as:

– Choose a machine , always based on what you are looking for.

– Enter  a certain amount of money that will be equivalent to credits.

– Press a button / pull a lever in order to rotate the rollers . With a particularity: if we are dealing with a machine with several payment lines , we must indicate the number of payment lines that we want to activate.

In the event that we are playing on a machine with more than one line, we will have to set the number of coins we wish to play in the spin for each pay line.


The techniques to use in the casino slots

Since online slots were legalized in Spain a few months ago, we have more and more options to play. As we already anticipated, you cannot control luck, but you can put certain techniques into practice that will help you increase your chances of winning.

Although the rules are the same, the machines are not . It is important that you know the type of machine you are playing or are going to play on. What kind of symbols are there? Which ones have the most value? Do they have one payline or several? There are a series of questions that, no matter how basic they may seem, it is important that you ask yourself before you start playing.

– Each machine has been designed with a payment routine , so it is interesting that you know what this routine is in order to know the ideal time to use the slot machine. Keep in mind that, in general, the machines with the most frequent or regular prizes are placed at the entrances of the casinos to attract as many people as possible.

– Look at the refund percentage or transfer rate of the machine. For every 100 euros that are played on the slot machine, how much does it return? 95 euros? 97?

– One-play technique : If you think luck is on your side today and you were thinking of playing anyway, we suggest you try it. It is about betting in a single play as much money as possible. If you win, play again. If you lose, just change machines.


– Choose small jackpot slots . It is true that you will not get rich, but it will give you more profit in the short term. The smaller the prize the machine accumulates, the more chances you have to win.


– It is true that the higher the bets you make, the higher the prize you can choose, but this has nothing to do with the odds. The fact that your bet is higher will not give you any more or less chances of winning.

– As we already mentioned, the machines have payment routines. Don’t think that because you play the same machine for a whole day, it should give you a prize yes or yes. Forget phrases like “it has to be ready” , they are false.

– If you are playing on a machine with progressive levels, to qualify for the pot it will always be necessary to place the maximum bet.

– If you play online, the chances of winning increase . When you play in an online casino you can win 4 to 6% more than in a real casino.

– Set an amount of money available to play and a limit amount to play. Sometimes winning early on may not play a good pass, as you are so excited to win that you increase your bets and end up losing everything.

– Credit cards stay at home . If today has not been your day and you leave the casino with one hand in front and another behind, do not give it more laps. Tomorrow will be another day.


– If you think you are starting to play games of chance too much, take a look at our article on gambling in which we tell you how to overcome it.

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