Canadian Casino Sites

Canadian Casino Sites

The world is becoming more and more connected, and many Americans living and working north of the border is part of that trend. It only makes sense that you’d want to do something you enjoy regardless of which country you choose to make your home. Sometimes it isn’t so simple. 

Regulatory Complexities 

When it comes to online gambling, laws can be a grey area. In the US, these laws are very complicated. What’s more, they’re constantly undergoing changes, both on federal and state levels. After the Supreme Court struck PASPA legislation down a few years ago, tens of local authorities legalized online sports betting. Previously, this law had banned it on a federal level.  

Things are Much Clearer in Canada

Gambling is subject to provincial, not federal, jurisdiction in Canada. However, the internet tends to overlook provincial boundaries. Many offshore gaming sites are available. Their status is best viewed by looking at the legality of sites that welcome wagers from Canadian residents, be they US citizens or citizens of any other country. Experts concur there is nothing in the country’s Criminal Code outlawing bets through offshore sites. 

Each Canadian province sets its own rules for bingos, casinos, and lotteries. Horseracing is an exception. It is regulated by the national department of agriculture, more specifically by one of its units, the Parimutuel Agency.  

While online betting in Canada can come with some grey areas of its own, you can see that Canadian legislation is much more straightforward. Their online gaming laws are very similar to those in most other western countries, with the possible exception of the UK, a very mature gambling market. Under Canada’s online gambling laws, the practice of making bets online is not specifically banned, making it possible for Americans and Canadians to wager to their heart’s content as long as their operator of choice is licensed. 

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Absence of Concrete Laws 

The lack of specific laws stopping individuals from online gambling has given offshore operators the opportunity to enter the Canadian market. At present, thousands of such sites are catering to people living in Canada. They represent well-regulated jurisdictions from all over the world. UK brands are claiming a lucrative share of this dynamic, rapidly growing market. There are also quite a few operators based in Malta, which offer Canadian residents interesting and attention-grabbing casino games like slots. 

The Real Situation for Americans 

According to Statista’s most recent data, just over 660,000 eligible US voters reside north of the border at the moment. This comprises around 25% of all Americans living abroad. They are free to gamble on Canadian casino sites as long as they are licensed and regulated. However, they may not gamble on US casino sites.   

Finding a Licensed and Reputable Casino in Canada

When you start looking for the best casino for your gambling needs, finding a reputable operator is the first step. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your wagers, it’s important to view the market in as great detail as possible. The best Canadian casino review sites offer balanced, detailed, and comprehensive reviews of the different providers. Their final say is based on factors like customer service quality, security, and welcome bonuses and offers. What’s more, you can look at operators’ overall ratings and read independent user reviews. 

The best review sites aggregate data and provide access to standardized reviews. After reading them, you can make the best and most informed decision by comparing different operators easily. Despite being new to the Canadian market, Americans are able to make the most of their betting experience when they can make well-informed decisions. 

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Tips on What to Look For  

Generally, security should be one of your most important considerations. Look for 128-bit SSL encryption to make sure your financial data is well protected. The best Canadian casino sites have independent eCOGRA certification. This is evidence that they offer safe, transparent, and fair gaming to all of their users. 

Welcome bonuses are also an important consideration. The value and structure of those can vary greatly. Usually, most bonuses come in the form of a deposit match up to a preset amount. Sometimes, free spins are offered along with the welcome bonus. Look at review sites to compare bonuses and pay close attention to betting requirements and the total amount of the bonus. The relevant requirements are typically expressed as a bonus value multiplier. Before you can start claiming wins, you’ll need to have wagered a certain amount.

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