Among many other things and games, one thing that is becoming very popular in India day by day is the online casino. The online gambling industry is becoming popular day by day by leaps and bounds. You can play many casinos online from your phone or PC.

However, the number of online casinos is also continuously increasing, and not all of them are good. Only a few sites are good and genuine. Many online casinos are scamming sites as well. Therefore, before you gamble online, you need to research properly about good online sites.

One of the good online casino hosting sites is cricplayers. You can join now to claim a free casino bonus from cricplayers. 

Cricplayers and other online casino sites host all the popular online casino games. Teen Patti, Andar Bahaar, roulette India, etc., are some of India’s popular online casino games. 

Learn how to choose the best online casino in India

As mentioned above, there are many online casinos in India, and not all are genuine. Many online casinos are scams, and you might end up losing your money in scams. Some online casinos don’t have good policies as well. Therefore, it will be good for you to learn how to choose the best casino in India beforehand.


  • Know how good is the welcome bonus


An excellent online casino offers a good welcome bonus or free casino bonus on joining. So please check how good is the welcome bonus by comparing the offers provided by different sites. The number of free bonus spins and bets are usually the marks that indicate a good welcome bonus. New players are offered a free bonus as a welcoming gesture. If the site you want to play does not offer any welcome bonus, you should not be playing from that site. The best casino in India always offer a welcome bonus


  • Know how strong is the security


There is no dearth of hackers and frauds on the internet, and hence when you spend money on something online, it should not disappear in thin air and appear in some random hacker’s bank account. Know beforehand how strongly encrypted is the site that you have chosen to play the online casino. Strong security is perhaps the reflection of the best casino in India or anywhere else.

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  • Know about the game variety


It will be better if you know what the site hosts types of online casino games. Some sites host only online casinos, while others host video games, classic casinos, sports betting, only Indian online casinos, and many more. While some sites provide all types of games but are not good enough, other sites provide very genuine and only selective games.


  • Know about gameplay and software


Good online casinos invest in quality software providers, and adequately invested online casino software runs smoothly with top-notch gameplay standards. Therefore, while you install any online casino software, make sure to check how smoothly it works; only after checking it once you can continue with that online casino site.


  • Check whether it is licensed or not


There is nothing about licensing online casinos as per Indian laws. However, there are such laws in some foreign countries. Countries like Panama, Gibraltar, Malta, Curacao, Antigua, Barbuda, and many more have strict rules over online casinos. Licensing is essential in these countries. Since there is no strict licensing rule in India, any fraud in online casinos can be found on the internet. However, remember that the best casino in India happens to be licensed.


  • Deposit and withdrawals


You should know what type of deposit and withdrawal methods are offered by the site. You should find out both deposit and withdrawal is very secure. Online casinos keep mainly different types of online payment modes in India. 


  • Know about their customer care service


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Make sure to find out that the online casino India that you play has good customer care support. Good customer care service is needed when there is transaction, language, gameplay, and many other issues.


  • Mobile casino


If there is a mobile version of the online casino you are playing, it will be easier for you to play from anywhere. Mobile casino apps also have some excellent gaming features that make your gaming experience suitable. But make sure to find out that it is supported on your device’s OS because some mobile apps are compatible with either iOS or Android, and some are compatible with both.


  • Payout Policy


Make sure to find out that the online casino that you are playing has a smooth payout system. Make sure that the payout is instant and does not too much time. 

Best Online Casino in India

Among many online casinos in India, only a few of them are good. Here is the list of some of the best casinos in India in no particular order.



  • Cricplayers


Cricplayers is also one of the best casinos in India. It hosts different online casino games. On joining cricplayers, you will get some free bonus spins as a welcome bonus. It gives a 100% first deposit bonus and a 10% daily deposit bonus. 

On Sunday, Cricplayers give weekly cashback,  and you get more cash back when you bet more. It also gives other bonuses like Cricplayers VIP bonus for those who have VIP accounts, and social media post bonus for those who share their wins on various social media platforms. Online casino games like teen Patti, roulette India, andar Bahaar, etc., are hosted by crick players.


  • Genesis Casino


You get twenty free bonus spins on deposit in Genesis casino and a 100% up to INR 30,000 with free spins. Instant payout is one of its best features. It hosts casino games like online slots, jackpots, and many more



  • Pure Win 


You get a 100% bonus on the first deposit that too up to INR 90,000. Not just a free casino bonus policy, it also has other good features like quick payout, weekend cash backs, and many more. It also hosts games like blackjack and roulette India.


  • Royal Panda


Royal Panda gives 100% up to INR 100,000 casino bonus. It also offers ten free spins on deposit. You can play roulette India, Blackjack, and many more.


  • gives 100% up to INR 17,000 with free spins. The best thing about mr. play is that it gives 100 free spins on deposit. Most popular online casino games like roulette, slots, etc., are hosted by online casino.

Popular online casino games in India

Many sites and apps host multiple online casino games in India. For example, cricplayers host online casinos like teen Patti, roulette India, andar Bahaar, etc. The popular online casino India can be listed as- 

  • teen Patti
  • roulette India
  • andar Bahaar
  • jhandi Munda
  • blackjack
  • slots
  • baccarat
  • jackpot
  • live casino

Three traditional online casinos India

Online casino is not only about popular western gambling. Many online casinos India host traditional Indian games as well. 


  • Teen Patti


Teen Patti is very similar to poker as the player with the best cards wins the game.

  • andar Bahaar

If teen Patti is like poker, then andar Bahaar is exactly like baccarat.


  • Jhandi Munda


Jhandi Munda is a traditional dice game in India, and this is now available in online casino India as well.

Final Takeaway

Online casino is getting popular day by day India. Even the traditional Indian gambling have made their way to online casino India. A free casino bonus is perhaps the main reason behind this increasing popularity. A free bonus attracts many players, thus increasing the popularity of the online casino.


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